Wednesday, December 31, 2008


As the air is filled with the smell of fireworks, and the sky is lit with a billion little sparks, I look back and see a very blessed 2008. Thank you Lord for the past year. May 2009 be as blessed and as full as this year was.

Goodbye 2008, you've been good to me. Salamat!

Polymer Clay 101

All the information below is protected by the Creative Commons license.
Creative Commons License
Polymer Clay 101 by Angeli Sobrepena is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

Part I of a series, a Handmade Pilipinas post

Polymer clay is an oven-baked material that you can mold or sculpt into anything under the sun. It comes in a rainbow of colors which you can mix into limitless color possibilities. Polymer clay is sold under different brands, all of which have different characteristics. Which brand to use will depend on what your project is.

Unlike other clay materials (earth, air-dry, toy modeling clay), polymer clay cures in the oven. Much like baking cakes and cookies, baking polymer clay is an exact science. It needs a specific baking temperature and baking time. Set the temperature just a bit too low and you’ll end up with a brittle piece. Set the temperature a notch too high and the clay will boil or burn. Proper baking will be discussed in a later entry.

What tools/materials do I need to work with clay?

Over the years, I have amassed quite a collection of different clay tools and equipment. But for a beginner, you only need simple items you can find around the home. No need to shell out big bucks.

1. A proper work surface
Polymer clay contains chemicals that can damage certain surfaces, so always make sure your table is covered with glass or acrylic. I used to protect my work surface with a simple glass jalousy (piece of window). A ceramic tile will also work. Never work with clay on a wooden surface – the clay will not only stick to the wood, it will also damage the finish. Also never work on plastic table tops – certain types of plastic melt when they come into contact with clay. Only use glass, ceramic, or acrylic (plexiglass) surfaces. If you don’t have any of these, you can tape a sheet of baking paper onto your table.

2. Roller
If you want to make flat sheets of clay, you will need something to roll the clay with. You cannot use the typical rolling pin used for baking, because the clay will stick to its surface. As discussed above, use glass, ceramic, or acrylic materials when working with clay. Any smooth cylindrical object will do, as long as they’re made of those materials. But when I was starting out, I used to roll clay with an old aluminum spray bottle that used to be my spray-on deo (Nivea, hehe), because I didn’t have the money to buy tools yet.

If you have the cash, there are acrylic rolling pins made especially for clay. These range from P350 – P650 locally, or around $6 when you buy it online.

3. Texturing tools
Any found object can be used to help you form your piece. You can use a toothpick, needle, or pin to make holes into the clay. For texture, I use a typical toothbrush (dedicated to clay work of course). Buttons with interesting details can be pushed into the clay to add patterns.

Again, if your budget allows it, you can buy ready-made texture sheets. I bought mine at a bookstore many years ago.

Additional tools and materials will be discussed in the future.

Read Part 2 of this series here.

All the information above is protected by the Creative Commons license.
Creative Commons License
Polymer Clay 101 by Angeli Sobrepena is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

Introducing Handmade Pilipinas!

And so it begins.

In an effort to inspire others as others have inspired me when I was starting out, I am launching a project called Handmade Pilipinas. Basically, the project entails a series of blog posts that deal with crafting as a viable source of income and crafting for sustainable development. I hope to post short articles discussing ideas on marketable craft projects you can do at home, DIY tutorials, inspiring stories from several professional crafters (aka people who make money off their crafting hobby), and practical business how-to's for the indiepreneur.

As of date, I have contacted several inspiring individuals whose stories may inspire you to start your own handmade adventure. Watch out for this series of interviews.

Today, we start by discussing the hottest craft material du jour. This series of articles will be introduced part by part, so always check back for updates. Search for "handmade pilipinas" in this blog.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Giving back

Since my business appeared on the local media's radar in 2007, I have gotten a lot of emails asking for information on how to start working with polymer clay. The countless emails and texts I get, asking the same questions over and over again, and the dark clouds of recession looming in the not-so-distant future inspired me to start a new project for 2009. I have been blessed with so many opportunities, and received such positive feedback and support from the community the past year, that it is difficult not to give something back.

This coming year, I will transform this personal blog into a craft reference of sorts. I will be posting how-to articles, craft tutorials, and related articles which aim to help others jump start their handmade venture. I hope to inspire people to think about craftivism and the handmade life, to inspire others as I have been inspired by others before me.

This project has been months in the making. Let's cross our fingers and hope for the best!

Cheers to 2009!

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Constant*

*The only constant thing in this world is change. -Heraclitus
1. 2009 will be a brand new year for this blog. I'll be posting more often and more diligently, about topics more interesting and helpful. I'm starting a new project which I hope to launch by the second week of the coming year, God-willing. It's an exciting time!

2. I am planning on tweaking my operations a bit. I plan to no longer post products on Multiply, as I find Etsy way easier to manage. I do plan to keep the Multiply site for updates, behind-the-scenes pictures, and bits of blog posts.

3. This year, I opened a plurk account for micro-blogging. In an effort to de-clutter this blog, that's where I'll post my senseless ramblings from now on.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

More treasuries

Creating treasuries is so addicting! I made two more after the black and white insomniac picks of a few days ago. (See previous post). The one above is still live, and will expire in a few hours. Click, click, click please!

This treasury features my favorite carnival-inspired items on etsy. Aren't they the cutest? Those adorable pink sneakers are to die for! If only they were in my size. The jack-in-the-box ornament I would love to get too!

Treasury #2 "Take me to the fair, daddy." Picks: 1 peppermint pinwheel, 2 fairy floss, 3 felt lollies, 4 jack-in-the-box, 5 velvet sneakers, 6 ferris wheel pendant, 7 carousel necklace, 8 funky kiddie hat, 9 vintage admission tix, 10 carnival photograph, 11 cotton candy necklace, 12 ice cream tee.

Basking in semi-permanent fame and glory***

I finally snagged my first ever treasury on etsy! I picked the 12 items above and made a collection titled "No more counting sheep". It took me months to get a slot, since hundreds of people literally wait for the treasury to open up.

My first treasury ever!

The treasury is "a member-curated gallery of short-lived lists of 12 hand-picked items each (plus four alternates). It functions as a high-demand (and pretty!) promotional tool that many devoted Etsians fight to get. Members can feature their favorite items, items selected on a theme, or just however they like. The Treasury is not intended for self-promotion, but instead to acknowledge and share the many cool things for sale on Etsy. Admin often choose an exceptional Treasury list to promote on the home page and occasionally make them to tie into Storque articles or special events and occasions."

A few days ago, my first ever treasury got featured on Etsy's front page! Woot! I didn't get to see it live, since I wasn't in front of the computer when it happened. But I found this screenshot from one of the etsy flickr groups:

It went live on the front page on December 21, 9am New York time.

***I didn't make the title up, lifted the phrase off etsy's treasury page, lol!

Miss B

Thank you for your gift!!! Natouch ako!

Luv yah!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Look what I found!

A fallen pointsettia leaf on the lawn. Isn't that so Christmas-y? Not photoshopped or altered in any way.

Addiction = inspiration

If there was only one word I could use to describe myself, it has to be CHOCOHOLIC. I simply can't live a day without chocolate. That explains my seemingly endless line of dessert charms, like the one pictured below.

I take inspiration from my addiction. Here is a new cupcake I made, inspired by an Oreo being dunked in a glass of milk:

Sometimes, I'm lucky to find surprising coincidences.

We had these super yummy mini cakes from Bizu last Sunday. The photography's awful, but I wanted to dig right in. Who has time to compose a proper shot when there are four mouthwatering chocolate cakes right in front of you?

The one in the lower left-hand corner reminds me of this ring I made a few months ago:

If you're craving for chocolate, but are afraid of those nasty calories, try one of my chocolate truffles. They look so real, you can almost taste them! Teehee.

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. It makes the world go round.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I can't believe it's December!

Where did November go? One minute I was thinking of making Halloween trinkets, the next minute carolers are knocking on my door!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Getting down and dirrrty

There is a priceless sense of accomplishment in plunging into the unknown. I will never figure out why I hadn't tried it sooner, but just last week, I finally decided to get my hands muddied - literally.

Who would have thought getting dirt on your hands could feel so... tranquil? As the wheel turned, I could feel all the stress melt away. Of course, a new set of sore muscles replaced the pain I felt in my fingers, but it doesn't matter.

It's amazing how a gentle stroke of a finger can change the shape of a mound of dirt on a wheel. The clay felt like butter, slowly melting away. With unsure but steady hands, I made myself a couple of bowls, a mug, some miniature cake stands, and a few beads.

I was lucky enough to get instruction from famous potters Tess and John Pettyjohn at the Pettyjohn-Mendoza Pottery School. It was pretty intimidating, but was tons of fun! I can't believe I hadn't taken a class with them sooner.

If it weren't for my mom's prodding, I wouldn't even have enrolled. It was she who was keen on learning to mold pots and stuff. But what with the school closing this month (tomorrow, in fact) and her being in Bacolod, it was pretty impossible. So I decided to have a go, and see if it's something we'd be able to do ourselves.

And yes, it is definitely something we should start doing. I am hooked, and I am beginning to feel I have found my new medium.

Pottery, you should try it some time.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I am not a techie. I do not know how gprs works, or what hsdpa means, or how the heck does one configure a very old and very battered Motorola SLVR's mms settings. And for the life of me, I can't even distinguish between cellphone models - I stopped counting after 3310.

If my 3310 hadn't died on me, I wouldn't have moved on to a new phone. I even held on to the battered old SLVR even as it started losing its keys and I couldn't type on it anymore.

But damn. I didn't know what I was missing until my dad bought me a swanky new smartphone. I can't believe I now actually own a cellphone that works - an updated one at that.

Push mail and yahoo go just might become my new best friends.

Thanks daddy!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Anthony Bourdain was here!

And thank God he didn't do the gasgas balut story.

photo from

I do not watch TV often. I am more of a bookworm than a couch potato. The whole time I was away in college, I didn't have a TV! I don't see the point of having to endure cheesy commercials. Even cable channels have annoying tendencies to advertise their TV shows over and over -repetition drives me insane!

So on those rare times when I do plop down on the sofa to watch the boob tube, I choose my shows carefully. And one show I will willingly sacrifice my sanity over (damn those repetitive T&L plugs!) is Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations. I heart Tony. His tongue-in-cheek take on all things food related is a breath of fresh air.

And what do you know, No Reservations finally lands on Philippine soil. About time! I have no idea what they're featuring or where they're going (I hope they don't skip a trip to Bicol - there's nothing like Bicol express or laing), but I did find a few hints from Tony's blog:

Well … I'm here. And the pressure is on. Luggage yet to arrive, I walk, unshaven, unwashed and in dirty clothes through the lobby of my hotel and everybody, it seems, watches the show. All eyes seem to follow my reeking carcass up to the breakfast buffet. People stop me and ask me what I plan to show the world of their country. Still stinging from the whirlwind of revulsion that followed last week's stillbirth, I wish I had a big floppy hat I could pull down over my head (if not my whole body). All I can say is "Don't worry. We're NOT doing balut. Been there. Done that." And privately think to myself, "Don't screw this up … don't screw this up ... don't screw this up."

Read the rest of his entry here. Can't wait to catch the episode!

Other shows I adore: Miami/LA Ink (not so much anymore), How the Best Is Done, Globe Trotter, and Disney Channel movies (haha!)

Filipina on Etsy's front page

Apol Lejano of is the featured seller on etsy! Read the interview here.

Friday, October 3, 2008

The vampires are coming...

A couple of months ago, my cousin made a sleepless monster: me.

Knowing of my love affair with Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles in high school, she suggested I read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.

I didn't like the first book all that much, and in fact found it a bit childish (well, it's YA after all), but the second installment kept me engrossed, so I read the third, and the fourth (which I hated). For fear of turning this into a boring book review, I will only say this:

I heart Jacob Black.

So a month ago, I made simple sketches of things I'd like to wear to be reminded of the kilig Bella-Jacob moments in the second book. But my cuz suggested I make an entire collection.

So here's a preview of the Twilight Collection, inspired by Stephenie Meyers Twilight series.

To be fair (hehe), here's the Edward version:

Are you also a Twi-hard? Or do you know someone who loves the series? Please visit our Yummy Cart at the Candy Fair tomorrow, these Twilight-inspired clay accessories will be displayed there. Only limited pieces available.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Candy Fair 2008!

We had such a blast at the Candy Fair last year that we decided to join again this year. Please visit our booth, lots of new stuff will be launched tomorrow.

For directions on how to get there, please click on the image below:

See you there!

Thanks to Ms. Kriztel and Ms. Mirelle of Summit Media.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tulips for your wrist

This post is more than a week late, but I just wanted to share this awesome coincidence. I made a tulip cuff a couple of weeks ago for last week's Rockwell Urban Bazaar. When I got to the bazaar, I found a matching BBB tulip bangle! With the same color tulip too! Aliw!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Clay collar

Last week's studio time was very productive. Aside from the paisley pendants, new cuffs, and rose necklaces, I made clay collars reminiscent of Cleopatra's bold jewelry.

This is my take on the ancient Egyptian collar, made more wearable and updated. I made this for myself for a change. Hehehe.

Please don't inquire about the price yet, they're not yet available. :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Paisley passion

I love paisley prints. My craft studio is surrounded by paisley patterns: from the printed fabric on the laptop table, printed throw pillows on the couch, and the pillows in the living room upstairs.

I even have paisley-printed stationery, and of course paisley-printed clothing - skirts and tops, most of which are now too small for my pudgy self.

The other week, I finally had the time to convert this paisley addiction into jewelry.

I made paisley pendants, paisley-themed collars, and a paisley-themed cuff. The pendant above was sold at the Rockwell Bazaar.

I don't follow trends, I choose to create whatever it is that I feel like making. So it's quite a delightful surprise to find out that paisleys and folk prints are in this season. Perfect timing!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

All for the love of beads

I got stuck in Quiapo last night.

It was raining. Hard.

And I was wearing flipflops.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Discovering Polyvore

When designing new trinkets, inspiration/mood boards always help spark my imagination. While I never get around to the actual assemblage of one, I do have lots of tear sheets and knickknacks saved for this purpose.

But today's different.

Today I discovered this ingenious web program called Polyvore, which alows you to create mood boards or collage pages (they call 'em sets) out of different photos provided by the program. You can make fashion collages, interior design spreads, or whatever type of collage you want. Though it's not as fancy schmancy as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, I love the ready supply of dropouts it provides. It borrows photos from different online shops like and, so instead of having to copy-paste the photos of items that you want to include, there's already a catalog for you to choose from. And if the hundreds of pages of pictures aren't enough for you, you can even import your own photos.

Here are the first drafts I made. They're not mood boards, but they're still fun to look at.

If you're concerned about copyright issues, don't be. When you view the actual sets on polyvore, you can click on the item, and it will automatically bring you to the online store, and the page where you can purchase the item. How cool is that? It's like creating a treasury on Etsy, but this one's visually more appealing.

I am in love.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Still unfinished. Will probably release them at the Global Pinoy Bazaar.


Despite my being a sweet tooth, I think I've almost had it with dessert. Clay dessert that is. I'm getting so bored with miniature food charms, what with the sudden mushrooming of all the little shops selling the same old same old.

So it's a good thing that in the last lazy days of summer (late May), I finally shrugged off the shopping anxiety and ordered new materials online. I always get overwhelmed when shopping for new materials - I get sad when I need to edit my choices come checkout time. So many possibilities, but not enough moolah.

After paying almost a semester's worth in shipping fees, my new toys arrived in early June. But since I got too busy preparing for the workshops, and experimenting with silver clay (insert grimace here, more on that in a separate post), it wasn't until July when I started playing with the other stuff that came with the package. I've been wanting to make arm bands and cuffs, but couldn't seem to find the right base. I found brass, but that thing tarnishes. I also found acrylic, but of course that would melt in the oven. So when I found the aluminum stuff online, I knew it was perfect. No tarnishing, no warping.

I almost couldn't part with the new thingie I made, but after weeks of staring at it like Gollum stared at his 'precious', it finally made it's way onto my Etsy shop early this month. I figured I'd probably end up wearing it once, and forget about it, so it's much better off with someone who'll treat it better.

After it got snatched up quickly by one of my suki customers, I decided to make more. These were sold at the Rockwell Urban Bazaar a couple of weeks ago, and some online. The one pictured in the second pic went to Europe!

I'm trying to make more, but life gets in the way. Heh. My back's bothering me again. Plus there are a lot of house chores getting forgotten. But in between the daily to-do's, I found time to make this:

and these:

I'll probably spend the most part of the coming weeks creating intricate pieces like those, to kill the clay boredom. Wish me luck!

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Christmas Cupcakery

Friday, August 1, 2008

Double Trouble Cupcake

A vanilla polymer clay cupcake smothered with rich milk chocolate frosting and topped with dark chocolate sprinkles. Double the chocolate, double the trouble.

Looks good enough to eat!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sorry if I haven't replied... bed rest! (New polymer clay workshop skeds posted)

I'm supposed to be taking a time off from beading and typing, pero maraming kelangang sagutin... To everyone who sent pm's and emails, i can't keep up! Sorry, I can't reply yet. Please be assured that we will attend to you when I am better.

And oh, thanks to all the well-wishers! :)

New polymer clay workshop skeds for June, as promised:

June 20 (Friday) - Advanced Polymer Clay Workshop: Making Realistic Miniature Food
June 22 (Sunday) - Extensive Polymer Clay Workshop for Beginners Batch 9
June 27 (Friday) - Advanced Polymer Clay Workshop: Effective Phototransfer Techniques

Course outlines for advanced classes are prepared, but not yet available to be emailed out dahil di pa nakaformat, nakakaduling. :)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Are you ready for batch 5?

Batches 3 and 4 of the Basic Polymer Clay workshops rocked! Two consecutive days of teaching has left me exhausted, but very happy. To see all the creations, and to hear the feedback makes everything worth it. The participants' work as so creative!

I'm changing the term Basic workshop to Extensive Beginner's. Based on the participants' feedbacks, the term "basic" doesn't give justice to the workshop's extensive and intensive activities. So there you have it, the Extensive Polymer Clay Workshop for Beginners.

Are you ready for batch 5? :) I'm limiting each class to 4 participants instead of 5; the smaller the group the better. :) Keeps things very personal, as all your individual techniques are observed carefully, so you'll leave the class like pros.

10 hours of pure claying bliss await you. You'll not only learn to make what's uso, but the very extensive class will teach you all the techniques for endless possibilities - only your imagination will stop you.

Everything included, lunch and heavy snacks too! It's not a WORKshop, it's a party! :)

Send an email, so we can send you the course outline.

WHEN: May 18, 2008 (Sunday)
WHERE: My residence in Pasig, full details will be disclosed upon registration

*A 1k downpayment is required to reserve a slot.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The year that was

Happy first birthday Angeli's Art Beads! Grabe, what a blessed year. Thank You Lord for everything. On April 21, 2007, I became a full time entrepreneur. Here's the year (plus a couple of months) in review.

February 2007

This crazy roller coaster ride I call my small business caught fire because of this first post in shopcrazy. This post started all the media exposure, and in turn, started the overwhelming response to my work. My deepest gratitude to Ms Steph Dychiu who wrote the article.

March 2007

It was a trying month, what with my dad catching malaria (he's okay now), and my super stressful month at the office. It was also my first summer bazaar ever (i think?).

Grabe, seeing this pic makes me smile. How we changed as entrepreneurs! Far from this tiangge-like stall in last year's AAVA bazaar, our brands (Angeli's Art Beads, Charm's Ichigo, Lara's Silly Me, Nixie's Tacona, and Pao and Joyce's BBB) have now found their identity.

April 2007

April 07 was a month of many firsts. The first ever newspaper article about Angeli's Art Beads was published in the Philippine Star. I remember how I had to sneak out of the office (break naman eh, hehe), head to the pool area of Crowne Plaza where it was bright and sunny, and take photos of my work, to be published. I couldn't afford a professional photog! (I still can't, harhar).

It was also the month of my first on-cam interview. Super ngarag! I was still working that time, so I had no time to prepare for the shoot. After work, I had to dash to the Podium to look for something decent to wear, then head home to bake more pieces. Since I didn't know how to put on makeup, I frantically called people up in the middle of the night, asking if anyone was free the next day. Lara of Silly Me came to the rescue! She somehow calmed my jitters.

I don't think it ever aired though! hahaha.

A few days after, I got another call from another TV station, this time they wanted me to be in the studio for a DIY project. You'd think I'd be more relaxed this time, but I was even more stressed out because it was not just an interview, i would actually have to clay on air. (I cut my finger with the huge clay blade!!!)

I got to meet Ms Lucy Torres and Ms Wilma Doesnt! It was fun chatting with Lucy, coz she was into crafts too! Before the shoot, the makeup artist fussed over me outside the dressing room. Referring to my untweezed eyebrows, he goes "Inday hindi na uso maria clara ngayon!". hahaha. Then proceeds to give me a heavy stroke with the eyebrow pencil, giving me a Betty La Fea-esque look. Uhoh. Teehee.

And a few days after that, I got yet another call from another newspaper. Grabe, April was truly a blessed month!

The Manila Bulletin article was almost one whole spread, and the pictures were great! I am thankful for the opportunity to talk about how the business started, about the whole design process, about everything actually!

As if that's not enough, Us Girls called! I've been a viewer of F (that show with Angel Aquino, Daphne Osena, and um, who was the other one?) in high school, so I was excited to learn that Angel Aquino was hosting my segment. Jodi Sta Maria, another celeb from my couch potato past (Tabing Ilog, hahaha), was the cohost. I made photo jewelry for them, too bad I didn't take pics! The segment was taped at my tita's place in Antipolo. The staff probably found the venue nice, they shot the episode's intro at my tita's garden! haha.
Here I am (the one in red) with cousins Kat and Kristine, and Jodi and Angel.

May 2007

The gang (BBB, Ichigo, Silly Me, Angeli's) got into our first Rockwell Bazaar! I shared a booth with Silly Me Clothing.

I didn't have much clay stuff then, but I had lots of mannequins - and they were a hit!

June 2007

Site views went up like crazy, after the April features and the May bazaars. I couldn't keep up with the demand!

June saw two media features, one online and one on air.

I got featured on! On the day of the interview, the guards at the condo gave the writer a hard time and wouldn't let her in! tsk. Buti nalang I went online and saw her email, that she was stuck outside (so sorry about that Ms Bea). The article was heartwarming, and the photos were lovely!

I got to meet Charlene Gonzales and Marjorie Baretto on At Home Ka Dito. I taught them how to make Id necklaces with clay. We gave a pair of cupcake earrings, a cupcake bracelet, and an Id necklace to an unfortunate girl named Alwynna, who sells bananaque on the streets.

July 2007

In July I started consigning at Peppered Cherry, this chic and cozy store at Serendra.

And my work finally lands on the glossies! Some of my charm bracelets and necklaces got featured on Candy Mag, and my golden heart necklace got published in Cosmo.

I used to collect magazines. I have always dreamed of seeing my designs on a magazine, so this feature on Cosmo and Candy was really a big thing for me!

August 2007

August was another triumph - Preview included me in their pages! It was such a pleasant surprise because I didn't know I'd be featured. I thought all along that they'd simply include a photo of one of my necklaces, like the Cosmo feature in July. But to see my name on that page, along with those other designers, was so surreal.

September 2007

I got to meet Pia Guanio in September. I was featured on Ang Pinaka, her show on QTV11. She was nice! We had a few drinks in a bar near the GMA compound - so surreal! haha. The story: My interview was taped inside the GMA compound. (The staff was very maalaga, by the way!) Rich from Starstruck was the host for my segment, Pia wasn't there. So I asked the staff if I could meet her by any chance? They set a date, and I visited her at one of the show's tapings. We went to a bar and had a few drinks. (I was in a ratty shirt and flipflops, and they (Pia and the kind staff of Ang Pinaka) were dressed up - kahiya!) Thanks Carol ha! :)
September was also Candy Fair month. It was so much fun! I blogged about it here.

And I got featured on Kids on Q, this cute kiddie show on QTV. Ella was super cute!

After the shoot, I found out that the Ella was the ghost pala in Sigaw. I am deathly afraid of horror movies, no matter how corny. So my cousins were laughing when they were watching the episode, wondering if I knew who I was talking to! But no, I only learned about it after they told me. Good thing, because it would have been awkward!

October - December 2007

These months were quiet ones, publicity wise. We focused on bazaars and the Christmas gift giving rush. I was home in Bacolod for most of October, and spent time with the family in December.

We had a trunkshow at Ms B's for halloween. That was fun!

Rockwell's third bazaar of the year in November was a huge success! It must be because of my ID that says BREADS. hahaha.

Some of my stuff (the envelope bracelet and mannequin) got featured on 2bu's Christmas list in December, but I don't have a scanned image of that. sayang. The Pretty In Pink teenytiny dress necklace was also published in Woman Today in December, but I don't have a copy of that either! (If anyone has a copy, pwedeng hiramin?)

January 2008

Started the year right and registered the business. Red tape sucks. tsk.

February 2008
Just when I thought I was done with media features, I got a message from someone from ABS CBN, inviting me to guest on Boy and Kris. I was intimidated at the thought of meeting Kris Aquino, and was glad to find out I was meeting Boy Abunda instead. (I have nothing against Kris, just that she can be unforgiving with comments. Kung ang celeb nga nababara niya, ako pa kayang probinsyanang nene?) Tito Boy was super nice, and so was Rachel Ann Go, cohost for my segment. There are celebs who make you feel small, but there are those who make you feel right at home, and these two are good examples of the latter.

A few days after, I got a message from from Achie Pao saying ANC might feature me along with BBB. I didn't take it seriously though, because it was already a few hours before their scheduled shoot, but I still haven't heard from the producer. Then around noon, I got the go signal, so I rushed to the mall to buy something to wear (coz I'd have to look
pormal, this was ANC!). An hour after, I was at the studio, having my makeup done. It was aired LIVE. eeeeek. I may have pulled a Janina San Miguel!

March 2008

We joined the Pinay In Action Bazaar! I had a my yummy cart made for the event - my super creative lolo made it for me! What's great about it was I got to spend the entire week with him, which I have never done before. I didn't know we had so many things in common. He has this workshop full of carpentry/fishing/handyman tools, and for the first time, I saw it in a different light: so many tools for exciting new projects! His helper, his carpenter sidekick, said to me while I was bent over some nails and a hammer, "Mana ka nga sa lolo mo!". I was so proud! hehehe.
Here's a prettier photo of the cart. We improved it by adding a new roof made of a pretty gold and pink pinstripe fabric, and attaching the Angeli's sign on the body instead of hanging it from above. Marco made the roof - the men in my life are so creative! haha.

April 2008
Like the year that was, this month was pretty busy! My 23rd birthday and Angeli's Art Beads' first year anniversary falls on the same month. Plus there are three batches of basic polymer clay workshops this month! Not to mention the Urban Bazaar. Crazy crazy month.

We are grateful for this craziness, for it is what keeps the business going. Thank you Lord for all the blessings, for all the dreams-come-true. The year was by no means all glitz and glam, but it was a fairytale nonetheless.

Here's to another crazy, crazy year.


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