Discovering Polyvore

When designing new trinkets, inspiration/mood boards always help spark my imagination. While I never get around to the actual assemblage of one, I do have lots of tear sheets and knickknacks saved for this purpose.

But today's different.

Today I discovered this ingenious web program called Polyvore, which alows you to create mood boards or collage pages (they call 'em sets) out of different photos provided by the program. You can make fashion collages, interior design spreads, or whatever type of collage you want. Though it's not as fancy schmancy as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, I love the ready supply of dropouts it provides. It borrows photos from different online shops like and, so instead of having to copy-paste the photos of items that you want to include, there's already a catalog for you to choose from. And if the hundreds of pages of pictures aren't enough for you, you can even import your own photos.

Here are the first drafts I made. They're not mood boards, but they're still fun to look at.

If you're concerned about copyright issues, don't be. When you view the actual sets on polyvore, you can click on the item, and it will automatically bring you to the online store, and the page where you can purchase the item. How cool is that? It's like creating a treasury on Etsy, but this one's visually more appealing.

I am in love.


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