Despite my being a sweet tooth, I think I've almost had it with dessert. Clay dessert that is. I'm getting so bored with miniature food charms, what with the sudden mushrooming of all the little shops selling the same old same old.

So it's a good thing that in the last lazy days of summer (late May), I finally shrugged off the shopping anxiety and ordered new materials online. I always get overwhelmed when shopping for new materials - I get sad when I need to edit my choices come checkout time. So many possibilities, but not enough moolah.

After paying almost a semester's worth in shipping fees, my new toys arrived in early June. But since I got too busy preparing for the workshops, and experimenting with silver clay (insert grimace here, more on that in a separate post), it wasn't until July when I started playing with the other stuff that came with the package. I've been wanting to make arm bands and cuffs, but couldn't seem to find the right base. I found brass, but that thing tarnishes. I also found acrylic, but of course that would melt in the oven. So when I found the aluminum stuff online, I knew it was perfect. No tarnishing, no warping.

I almost couldn't part with the new thingie I made, but after weeks of staring at it like Gollum stared at his 'precious', it finally made it's way onto my Etsy shop early this month. I figured I'd probably end up wearing it once, and forget about it, so it's much better off with someone who'll treat it better.

After it got snatched up quickly by one of my suki customers, I decided to make more. These were sold at the Rockwell Urban Bazaar a couple of weeks ago, and some online. The one pictured in the second pic went to Europe!

I'm trying to make more, but life gets in the way. Heh. My back's bothering me again. Plus there are a lot of house chores getting forgotten. But in between the daily to-do's, I found time to make this:

and these:

I'll probably spend the most part of the coming weeks creating intricate pieces like those, to kill the clay boredom. Wish me luck!


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