Getting down and dirrrty

There is a priceless sense of accomplishment in plunging into the unknown. I will never figure out why I hadn't tried it sooner, but just last week, I finally decided to get my hands muddied - literally.

Who would have thought getting dirt on your hands could feel so... tranquil? As the wheel turned, I could feel all the stress melt away. Of course, a new set of sore muscles replaced the pain I felt in my fingers, but it doesn't matter.

It's amazing how a gentle stroke of a finger can change the shape of a mound of dirt on a wheel. The clay felt like butter, slowly melting away. With unsure but steady hands, I made myself a couple of bowls, a mug, some miniature cake stands, and a few beads.

I was lucky enough to get instruction from famous potters Tess and John Pettyjohn at the Pettyjohn-Mendoza Pottery School. It was pretty intimidating, but was tons of fun! I can't believe I hadn't taken a class with them sooner.

If it weren't for my mom's prodding, I wouldn't even have enrolled. It was she who was keen on learning to mold pots and stuff. But what with the school closing this month (tomorrow, in fact) and her being in Bacolod, it was pretty impossible. So I decided to have a go, and see if it's something we'd be able to do ourselves.

And yes, it is definitely something we should start doing. I am hooked, and I am beginning to feel I have found my new medium.

Pottery, you should try it some time.


Anonymous said…
Hi, where can I get more info on the Pettyjohn Pottery school? I'd love to enroll but can't seem to find their contact info.. thanks!
Tin said…
Sis, where is this school? Closed na? Thanks!
Angeli said…
Hello anonymous and Tin.

Unfortunately, the Pettyjohn-Mendoza Pottery school is now closed. It was their last few weeks the time I was enrolled.

If they reopen, I'll post new info here.

Thanks for dropping by!

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