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The Young Writer's Workshop

My daughter Amara Luna is a voracious reader. We've been supporting this interest, slowly building her a library at home throughout the years (because there are no good libraries near us). And because of this love for stories, she started writing her own at 7 years old, and moved on to writing fan fiction a few years back.  Now she is writing her own fantasy novella. I want to support her at this young age, even if nothing comes out of this first writing attempt. But even with my writing background, I feel I am ill-equipped to guide her on this journey. At 12, she writes better than I did when I was already in highschool. So I've been praying about it, wondering if there was any class out there that can help guide her. I don't exactly remember how I stumbled upon the mailing list, but a few weeks ago, I found a newsletter in my inbox, announcing the enrollment for Young Writer's Workshop.  It was an answer to my prayers! It's a self-paced workshop chock-full of info

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