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Crafting our way through second grade

One of our goals in life is to make learning fun for Little Moon (aka Beadbaby) so that she becomes a self-directed learner – someone who takes initiative to educate herself.

Our efforts have proved to be worth it so far. Let me share with you a project she made this year – all on her own. She was taught the basics of sewing by her Lola Mommy Merilyn, my mom. The rest, she learned by studying the craft books we provided her, without any help from me. She has learned to make her own toys. This is what she does in her free time.

In our household, academics and crafts are both important. More often than not, our academics are injected with hands-on arts and crafts projects because this is how Little Moon learns best. She is a kinesthetic learner – she needs to move, touch, and do. So we reinforce all lessons through a craft project.

For instance, for Geometry, we did origami when we discussed the types of angles and triangles. Then, instead of a written exam at the end of the quarter, I…

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