Addiction = inspiration

If there was only one word I could use to describe myself, it has to be CHOCOHOLIC. I simply can't live a day without chocolate. That explains my seemingly endless line of dessert charms, like the one pictured below.

I take inspiration from my addiction. Here is a new cupcake I made, inspired by an Oreo being dunked in a glass of milk:

Sometimes, I'm lucky to find surprising coincidences.

We had these super yummy mini cakes from Bizu last Sunday. The photography's awful, but I wanted to dig right in. Who has time to compose a proper shot when there are four mouthwatering chocolate cakes right in front of you?

The one in the lower left-hand corner reminds me of this ring I made a few months ago:

If you're craving for chocolate, but are afraid of those nasty calories, try one of my chocolate truffles. They look so real, you can almost taste them! Teehee.

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. It makes the world go round.


Carrieann said…
Chocolate...did someone say CHOCOLATE? I'm there....especially "dark" chocolate...YUM.

Your little treats look good enough to eat...wonderful job...enjoyed reading your post as well.

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