Sorry if I haven't replied... bed rest! (New polymer clay workshop skeds posted)

I'm supposed to be taking a time off from beading and typing, pero maraming kelangang sagutin... To everyone who sent pm's and emails, i can't keep up! Sorry, I can't reply yet. Please be assured that we will attend to you when I am better.

And oh, thanks to all the well-wishers! :)

New polymer clay workshop skeds for June, as promised:

June 20 (Friday) - Advanced Polymer Clay Workshop: Making Realistic Miniature Food
June 22 (Sunday) - Extensive Polymer Clay Workshop for Beginners Batch 9
June 27 (Friday) - Advanced Polymer Clay Workshop: Effective Phototransfer Techniques

Course outlines for advanced classes are prepared, but not yet available to be emailed out dahil di pa nakaformat, nakakaduling. :)


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