More treasuries

Creating treasuries is so addicting! I made two more after the black and white insomniac picks of a few days ago. (See previous post). The one above is still live, and will expire in a few hours. Click, click, click please!

This treasury features my favorite carnival-inspired items on etsy. Aren't they the cutest? Those adorable pink sneakers are to die for! If only they were in my size. The jack-in-the-box ornament I would love to get too!

Treasury #2 "Take me to the fair, daddy." Picks: 1 peppermint pinwheel, 2 fairy floss, 3 felt lollies, 4 jack-in-the-box, 5 velvet sneakers, 6 ferris wheel pendant, 7 carousel necklace, 8 funky kiddie hat, 9 vintage admission tix, 10 carnival photograph, 11 cotton candy necklace, 12 ice cream tee.


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