Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Amazing works of art

I was just watching Ever After on HBO last night - a Cinderella story where Leonardo Da Vinci figures prominently. How timely that I stumble upon this amazing polymer clay mosaic today (through Polymer Clay Daily) created by artist Julie Eakes.

The mosaic is made with extruded polymer clay canes. I wonder how many days (months?) it took to finish. This will be further reduced to be made into beads, I suppose. Read all about it in Julie's blog.

How I wish I had the talent - and the time - to create "real" works of art like Julie's. I've been contemplating creating something other than jewelry for some time now. After visiting the ManilArt10 art fair last month, I was even more intrigued by the idea.

I went to the fair hoping to see sculptures, but there were only a few. None were made of polymer clay - most were made of brass and glass. But there were paintings with a sculptural feel to them - almost clay-like. Here is my favorite. I love the colors and the thick, sculptural strokes on canvas.

Pipo Alido's "Susi" - Oil on Canvas 36 x 24 inches

These works make me want to coop up in a small hut by the beach, away from the rest of the world, and create like nothing else mattered.

The baby

What's keeping everyone busy at home these past weeks is my brother's newborn son Daniel Angelo. He was born on a Sunday, exactly 10 days ago. My days are spent baby-watching instead of crafting. Yes, baby-watching, not babysitting. As in watching the baby sleep, cry, and do nothing. Lol.

Today I sang him to sleep after his bath, while his mom took a shower. I do not know a single lullaby, since I grew up with my Mom humming Brahms - no lyrics. So I sang Dave Matthews' Crash Into Me, Damien Rice's Unplayed Piano, and Yael Naim's New Soul instead. No one was watching, thank goodness. But the heavens turned gray, and it's now about to rain. Sorry! :p

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More cute posters

I made a new batch of posters for my other polymer clay workshop. I think I like these new ones better. Pink and gray looks good together, and is fast becoming one of my favorite color combinations!

Monday, August 2, 2010

What I made yesterday

If there's something not craft-related I really enjoy doing, it's creating on Photoshop! After putting it off for the longest time, I finally made posters yesterday for my upcoming workshops. Took me three hours, and five different drafts. It's inspired by the blue-and-white striped walls of my store, yummy cookbooks, and vintage labels.

The lovely pink label template I used for my logo was designed by Amy Moss of She very kindly allowed me to use it for my label. (She requests that I let everyone know that our deal was a one-time thing though, but if interested to commission her for some graphic work, email her.) Please send her some love by visiting her fascinating website. I will eternally be grateful Amy, hopefully more blessings come to you.

Hello, I'm Angeli and I'm an insomniac

Almost every other day, I see the sky turning a delicious shade of pink and orange. Although I never get up before the sun rises, I do get to see it often - only because I am still awake when dawn breaks. Tonight, like every other night, I toss and turn and fret about still being awake at this hour. No matter how tired or sleepy I am, the story is the same.

I found this note on my phone, written about a month ago:

"So here i am again, risking carpal tunnel, typing away on my tiny qwerty phone in the dark. Because I can't friggin sleep.

I've checked every status update on both my facebook accounts, read every tweet on twitter, browsed photos of gorgeous beaches on flickr, and even read quite a number of new blog entries from my favorite online haunts. But I am still wide awake at 2:30 in the morning.

I'd have to thank my overly active imagination for that. Just when I feel like I'm drifting off, an idea suddenly sparks, then I stay awake going over it again and again. Or I remember something and fret over it, then I can't shut down.

If you're wondering why I don't just get up and do something more productive, like make clay cupcakes, let me just tell you that when you're pooped and ready for dreamland, with eyes heavy and back tired, there is nothing less appealing than getting up.

So in these wee hours of the morning, I dream about McDonald's pancakes, and those artery-clogging oil-soaked hash browns I love. (To say "dream" is so ironic. What do you call a daydream in the middle of the night anyway?)

The tragic thing is, I'd have to wait another couple of hours to order. By which time I'd be too sleepy to dial 8MCDO.

I am hungry. And super tired. And sleepy.

But I can't sleep. Story of my life."

*** I wanted to post about yesterday's trip to an art fair, but my phone won't let me post photos tonight. But since I couldn't sleep, I still wanted to write. Sorry if I posted stupid things two nights in a row. :-| I promise to post crafty things next time.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I missed you

Dear Blog,

Forgive me.

I can't believe I didn't update you about the million and one things that has happened over the last 95 days. You can blame your pal Facebook, who allows me to post short - and sometimes incoherent - status updates.

My dear blog, as much as I would've liked to gush about how exciting or boring or out-of-whack the past few months have been, it felt that at the end of the day, I do not have enough energy left to sit down and come up with a decent blog post. It's not that I'm busy ALL the time. It's just that, I've lost my will to write anything lengthy lately.

You know that feeling of being so overwhelmed and bursting with so much information, but you can't find the right words? So instead of trying, you just give up? That's been happening to me a lot these days. It's frustrating.

Then suddenly today, I felt the urge to write again. About the most inconsequential thing, of all things. Is there anything lamer than writing about not writing? But at least that's a start right?

I missed you blog. Can we be friends again?


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