Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Summer Workshops

Here is an updated schedule of my polymer clay workshops for Summer 2010. I now teach in two venues: at The Beadlady Craft Studio (2nd floor Beadlady Craft Cafe, Cubao Expo, Quezon City), and at the Art Center (Powerbooks, Megamall).

These are the available dates for our adult workshops. All 2pm to 6pm. Dates that are fully booked will be in red. Otherwise, dates are still open. Dates that fall on a weekday will be in blue. Otherwise, they all fall on a weekend.

Please take note that the advanced workshops have a prerequisite.

There is no definite schedule yet beyond May 9. More schedules for May to be announced later on.

Please email angelisartbeads@gmail.com and indicate the date you are interested in. Thank you!

Polymer Clay 101 - Beginner's Workshops at the Art Center (Powerbooks, Megamall branch)
Price: P1980 inclusive of clay
  • March 28 - fully booked (5 students)
  • April 11 - fully booked (5 students)
  • April 25 - 3 slots available
  • May 2
Polymer Clay 101 -Beginner's Workshops at The Beadlady Craft Cafe and Art Studio (Cubao Expo)
Price: P1,700 inclusive of clay and snacks
  • April 1 (Thursday - holiday)
  • April 30 (Friday)
Extensive Workshop for Beginners at The Beadlady Craft Cafe and Art Studio (Cubao Expo)
Price: Php3,700 (2 sessions, inclusive of clay, tools, snacks)
  • April 24 and 25 (2 sessions)
  • May 8 and 9 (2 sessions)
Advanced Workshops at The Beadlady Craft Cafe and Art Studio (Cubao Expo)
Price: varies according to workshop type
Prerequisite: Beginner's or Extensive workshop
  • April 9 Friday - holiday (Phototransfer) - fully booked
  • April 23 Friday (Phototransfer)
  • April 28 Wednesday (Ultimate Miniature Food)
If you're curious about the classes, here are a few examples of what my students create in class.

Polymer Clay 101 class

Realistic Miniature Food class

Friday, March 26, 2010

Cupcakes for Chicago

I made 50 polymer clay cupcakes in two weeks.

Those couple of weeks were hard on my hands (and my sanity). I wanted to create one of a kind cupcakes. I think I have an attention deficit disorder - the idea of repetition repulses me. So I made each cupcake unique. I almost didn't use the same sprinkles twice, but two weeks is too short a time to create 50 different toppings. So out of the 50, three cupcakes had similar toppings, but each one was different - be it in the flavor of the frosting or the color of the base. I am lucky that the lady who ordered these gave me free reign to go crazy and create whatever flavor I wanted.

I know it's a bit loony to be attached to inanimate objects, but if you create with your hands like I do, you'll understand how hard it is to let your creations go. As I was packing each cupcake into tiny silver boxes, I felt a bit sad that they were all leaving me to go to the U.S. of A. I especially like the one in the middle of this photo:

But I can always make new ones, and I thought about how I can finally buy that sofa I've been planning to buy (hehe), so I wasn't sad for too long. :p

Goodbye my dear cupcakes, I hope you all find a good home.

Monday, March 15, 2010

The rose bib

I made dozens of polymer clay roses last week, and was intending to turn them into individual pendants. But after seeing them bunched together after baking, I realized they'd look pretty neat if turned into a big necklace.

This bib took me 18 straight hours to make. Twelve roses - about 81 petals total- each carefully formed by hand. You can only imagine how many squished and deformed roses never made it into the oven. Because of fatigue, I could no longer feel my fingers during the last few hours of the project. My fingers remained swollen the day after. It's worth it though. I almost don't want to part with this piece.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cupcake for Alice

I loved Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. I'm probably biased, since I love all things Alice. But the new Disney release gave me another shot of creative juice, thanks to the exciting visuals and effects. To be honest, I wasn't paying too much attention to the story. I was busy taking in every minute detail of the Wonderland scenery. I won't say much, for fear of spoiling it for those who haven't seen it yet.

I just want to share a couple of photos from the new cupcake collection I'm preparing for the bazaar this weekend. If you're a collector of my cupcakes, this new version will take a while to get used to. They're not bright and happy. Instead, the new cupcakes are dark and shabby, inspired by the dark and decaying wonderland in Tim Burton's Alice. I like how they ended up looking like ceramic instead of polymer clay.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The cart my grandfather made...

...is on Martha Stewart Weddings - Philippines!

It's finally here! This is the magazine I've been waiting for, as blogged here. I've been checking the bookstores everyday since March rolled in, and yesterday I finally grabbed a copy!

My "Yummy Cart" was built by my lolo in March 2008, and it's what I use to display my wares when I join bazaars/fairs. Here are photos of the cart in action.

August of last year, the ladies from the Philippine edition of Martha Stewart Weddings saw my cart and thought it would be perfect for a vintage-inspired story they were doing. They also loved the pieces that I make, so those got featured in the story too! Here are a few photos from the magazine:

My Pretty Little Things line is in Martha Stewart Weddings! I'm so happy!

Please grab a copy Martha Stewart Weddings - Philippines. Even if you're not getting hitched, you'll be inspired by the pages and pages of eye candy!

Friday, March 5, 2010


Please come visit The Beadlady at the Rockwell Urban Bazaar on March 12 to 14! We are sharing a booth with Baubles, Bangles n Beads. You can find us right outside, so no need to pay for the entrance fee. :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Summer's here, I can feel it

polymer clay pendant by beadlady angeliBecause it is terribly hot and sticky where I live, it's a bit of a chore to work with polymer clay. But the sunny weather inspired me to make something summery. I am a huge fan of Christi Friesen and Jennifer Morris, and this is inspired by the applique/sculptural technique they are well-known for. I tried to put my own "voice" through my use of shape, color, and layering, and was careful not to copy.

polymer clay pendant by beadlady angeli

I remember creating a similar collection a few years back, incorporating tiny little roses, tulips, and vines. Here's a look back on some of those pendants from 2008.

I hope to make better versions of these this year. As you can see, my roses were a bit squished back then. I make better roses now. Teehee.

And oh, in case I haven't mentioned yet, I'm joining the Rockwell Urban Bazaar on March 12-14. I hope to see you there!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More of those pretty little things

Adorable little polymer clay cake slices, each one carefully decorated and textured. This is one of the selections in the Pretty Little Things line. Aren't they perfect for bridal showers or sweet sixteen parties?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Pretty Little Things

As promised, I am giving you a sneak peek into the new line I am working on. It's nothing grand, but it's something I've been meaning to do for a few years now.

Let me introduce you to Pretty Little Things, a line of cheap but chic gifts, party favors, and souvenirs. They're perfect for weddings, christenings, birthday parties, and special occasion giveaways. When I say chic, I mean none of the usual tacky, useless favors that do nothing but collect dust on your shelf. And when I say cheap, I mean you can now get them at wholesale prices.

I don't really do wholesale, apart from a few orders from family and family friends for their parties. I used to turn down big orders because I wanted to concentrate on the one-of-a-kind stuff.

But the requests for party favors and bulk orders keep pouring in, and I'd be naive to continue to turn down such opportunities. So I sat down, and with the help of the book Craft Inc., drew a plan for a wholesale line.

Here are a few samples from the Pretty Little Things line. Please let me know what you think in the comments section below! I need feedback!


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