Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Practice makes... cupcakes

Trying to make my cupcakes again. The last time I made cupcakes, I think I was in my second trimester!

These are far from perfect. I need lots of practice to get my mojo back. I hope the baby sleeps quietly again tomorrow night so I can play for a couple of hours!

Monday, January 30, 2012

How pinteresting!

I started pinning lovely online finds on Pinterest. It's addictive. I love how it's like a virtual mood board. Follow my pins there: http://pinterest.com/beadladymanila/

Is claying like riding a bike?

Trying to hop on the "bicycle" again after four long months. The gears are rusty now. It will take a lot of oiling before the ride is smooth again.

It took me two long hours to make 2 tudees and the bead above. Two friggin' hours for 3 puny pieces.

They say when you learn to ride, you never forget. I wish it's true with polymer clay. Because I'm not sure if I still know how. :(


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