The Philippine Polymer Clay Guild

We recently started a local polymer clay guild here in the Philippines - this is actually my 3rd or 4th attempt to form a group of like-minded artists.  The first few attempts failed because of technology - either the sites that hosted the groups began charging, or they remained free but were hard to access and manage.

Since I am on sabbatical from teaching and production work, I finally found the time to try again.  Thanks to the wonders of facebook, we were able to gather a few Pinoy hobbyists and entrepreneurs from all over the country who share the same love for polymer clay, and more importantly, the same vision of creating a friendly and helpful community of artists with the same principles.  We call ourselves Polymer clay People Philippines - a nickname.  P3 for short. Officially, we are the Philippine Polymer Clay Guild.

The past few weeks have been such a joy - I met new people, drooled over their work, and shared fun discussions about all things clay, and beyond!

Just last weekend, a few of us met for lunch - our first Meet and Greet.  It was fun seeing old faces, and meeting new ones.  Apart from the never ending gabfest and the ooohing-and-aaaahing over a few handmade pieces that a few were able to bring, there was no real activity yet for this first meeting. It was a time for new acquaintances. I'm excited for the next meetings!

Photos grabbed from Joyce, Jhoi, and Ling.

Our guild’s objectives:
1. Build a community.

To create a cooperative and caring community of artists who share the same interest and principles, who help each other develop skills through group discussions and meet-ups.

2. Promote respect.

To foster respect among fellow polymer clay artists, and make a stand against photo theft, copying, and disregard for another artist’s rights.

3. Educate.

To hold continuous discussions and trainings that advance our craftsmanship, so we may produce local talent that can compete in an international level.

4. Produce high-quality work.

To elevate polymer clay into a medium of art, and not simply a craft material, by creating exceptional pieces that are of high quality.

5. Uphold local Pinoy talent.

To promote our craft against the threats of mass-produced products coming from China and other countries, by educating people about the difference of our original handmade work from cheap, imported merchandise.
We are still in the process of getting settled in, but you'll hear from us very soon!  Watch out for P3!


Polie's Corner said…
Hi Ms. Angeli, can I join the club?
Anonymous said…
can i join too?
Rains Bautista said…
Hey... uh... can I join teh club too? :-D

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