The old air Ozonizer (my first attempt at Steampunk)


I've always admired Christi Friesen's Steampunk creations, but I never found the courage to try it out.  Until recently.  Thanks to the creative ladies at the Philippine Polymer Clay Guild, I caught the Steampunk bug.  My fellow guild mates Gin Rose Caballero, Ghie Malig, Melody Felipe, and Donna Cruz have all done such a wonderful job with Steampunk that I was encouraged to try it out.  

Here's my very first attempt.  This is actually an old, broken perfume bottle.  I decided to upcycle it by covering it with clay and turning it into a pendant (there's a small hole in the cap where you can string a chain through).

I had so much fun creating this, that I even wrote a little note to Professor Contraption, the quirky character in CF's book Steampunkery.  Teehee.

Dear Professor Contraption,

I found this odd thingamabob in my grandfather's old tackle box a fortnight ago.  It is a glass vial of some sort, with a gold screw-on cap, and a hole in the upper right corner.  It appears to have lost its plug.  The gears do not seem to be working, but I imagine it is an old air purifier. London air enters the hole when the plug is dettached, and you sip the fresh, Ozonified air through the open cap, just like you would a flask of whisky.  Gentlemen in the center of London would have carried such a contraption in their coat pocket, given the murky atmosphere of coal smoke in the city.

I am holding on to it for safekeeping, but know that whenever you are on your way to the old city, you are welcome to come knocking on my door to borrow it.


I actually did a little research to find out how they would've sounded like in the good old days of steam and coal.  Just to make the note sound a little bit authentic.  Just for fun. And how fun to find out that June 14 was actually world Steampunk day!

I want to do more Steampunkery!  Will keep my eye open for more broken bits.  If you have some cool but useless stuff (old watches, tiny vials, etc), please send them my way!


Yannie said…
Hi Angeli! Just wondering if it is your penmanship. If so, I really love it.

I love your works, and if only I'm in Manila I would probably attend your class.

I am a newbie clayist, and you are one of my inspiration.


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