Feuille de Autumne

The last week of May proved to be quite productive. I just had to scratch my polymer clay itch, as I have not  made anything new in a while.  I was able to cough up this pendant after a futile attempt to make something intricate.  It's quite frustrating - it didn't turn out exactly like I hoped.

I have a small collection of scrapbook papers which I never use for scrapbooking.  Instead, I use them for inspiration or for photo backdrops.  

I am fond of this particular sheet for its intricate details - delicate stitchery, a burst of color,  and paisley-like patterns.  It's called Feuille de Autumne.

I guess I captured the essence of the sheet in the pendant I made, but it's not really what I envisioned.  

Although I think I got the petals right. I individually shaped each petal by hand then added the stitches, veins and dots.  But when I tried to combine the petals to make the flower, that's when the problem started.  They didn't quite "stand" or "fall" the way I wanted them to.  Every little pinch, they'd die in my finger.  Frustrating! I wanted a bulb in full bloom.  Oh well, I'll try again next time.


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