How to organize your craft room

I wrote and styled an article for Good Housekeeping Magazine about how to organize your craft room! Yay! This was way back in March, and as usual, I didn't have time to blog it here. So how about a throwback post?

In the March 2013 issue of GH Philippines, I share tips on how to organize your craft materials and supplies using regular objects you can find at home. If you're like me who's a hoarder of crafty thingamabobs, you're probably on the lookout for storage solutions! Well here, I share some nifty tricks about keeping craft clutter at bay.

This story was shot in my own craft room. :) I posted about my little corner here and over at Saccharine, my baby blog. I super loved working on this article! You can probably find GH back issues in Book Sale or Filbars. Or you can get the digital edition on Zinio. This issue has Christine Bersola on the cover.

Please let me know what you think! And I'd love to see how you organize your craft supplies at home, so post a link in the comments, ok?


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