Craft room update

Hey crafty friends! How's everyone? While most of you are busily working on your inventory for holiday fairs, I've been busy not working. Haha. Still no crafting for this full-time mom.

I did get to spend a few hours in my craft room this week - I was trying to purge, de-clutter, and organize!

Check out my latest post over at to see what my little space looks like so far! What do you think?

What does your craft corner/table/bed (haha!) look like? I'd love to see your work space! Please leave links for me in the comments!


Jackie said…
Here is my Claypen... it hasn't been as clean as it was at this time in a long time, though!
Anonymous said…
*gasps* my craft room cum bedroom needs a major cleanup before it deserves to be photographed. haha. hope to drop by your shop the next time i visit cubao expo. happy crafting! =)

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