Time for change

So much change has been happening around me, it's hard to keep up. I am still adjusting to my "new normal" - so still no crafting beyond the tiny projects that take me 30-45 minutes to create.  But I do have something to show you!

I did a writing gig a few weeks ago, and needed to include a web address in the writer's profile.  Problem was, my old website (the one for the store) was in all sorts of dysfunction (still is). For weeks now, I've been wanting to update it.  But since I do not have time to wade through the clutter of outdated information in the old website - not to mention a now-forgotten HTML/CSS code - I decided to just go ahead and start from scratch.

Last night, while baby was asleep, I made a simple splash page.  I wanted it to look whimsical but simple, like cotton candy. What do you think?

This blog is next in line - it's begging for a redesign.  Question is, when will I find the time? Hopefully, within the next ten years. Haha.


createmyworld said…
Looks great Angeli! :)

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