Years ago, when I opened my little craft store, I moved most of my craft stuff out of the house and into the second floor studio of the store. When I got pregnant last year, and couldn't go to work at the studio anymore, I moved my stuff back home.

Well it's been a year of trying to reorganize and create a workspace here at home, and I am still not done. Can you believe it took me a year? I've been hoarding so much craft stuff and thingamobobs over the past 10 years, they've all been sitting in bins and boxes and odd containers. It was hard for my preggy self to make any real progress last year (no lifting of anything heavy, no getting exposed to possibly hazardous materials, etc.)

Finally, January of this year I had some decent storage made.

But it was only last month that I got to seriously sort through the chaos that was my giant craft stash.

It was a mind-numbing, heart-wrenching process. It was like going through a journal. In every old piece of jewelry I unearthed, in every tupperware of beads I opened, I saw a life that I once lived. Who would have thought cleaning up a craft room can be so melancholic?

Well, time for a clean slate. I'm almost done. There are still a handful of bins to sort through, and the books need arranging. But at least I can see the floor now. Ha!


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