We got married!

If you've been following this blog for a while, you might be aware that I was planning on getting married two years ago.  It was going to be an elaborate Church wedding in the province.  There was to be a gown (although I couldn't find what I wanted), an entourage (we were having trouble deciding on who was going to be given what role), souvenirs (I couldn't decide what to make!) - the works.  The reception was going to be outdoors, at The Ruins - a romantic spot just like in that James Bond movie. I was going crazy over the preparations, planning for the event a good eight months ahead. I was having trouble looking for a caterer, having trouble finding a wedding gown that was "me", having trouble with so many details! And having trouble with each other.  Lol.  As fate would have it, we didn't go through with it.

But God truly works in mysterious ways.  Because last weekend, after almost two years, He gave us the perfect wedding. On April 2, 2011, I got married to my college sweetheart, my boyfriend of almost 9 years.

The newlyweds

The event was far from perfect, if you dwell on the details.  But it was the perfect wedding for Marco and I, because we got more than what we hoped for.  All we wanted was to get married, period.  But what we got was a beautiful and truly special event.

It didn't take months of preparation - would you believe we pulled it off in two weeks?  It didn't take a gazillion funds to pull off - we only spent a third of what we would have spent for the original wedding.  Sweet and simple, just like we wanted.  All it took was the help of our family, a little creativity, a ton of prayer, and a kiss from Lady Luck.

Details in my next post.  :)  Meanwhile, enjoy a few snapshots of our wedding taken by my cousin Kat.


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