Too sweet

It's time for spring cleaning again. It's taking me forever; I keep unearthing lovely treasures from my closet. What's going to delay the process even more is blogging about my finds. Teehee.

I love dessert. I love stationery. Put them together and it's going to be hard for me to resist. But what's better than finding dessert-inspired paper products? Finding a pen that matches!

I scored this cute cupcake notepad set at the St. James Bazaar last December (Php140 from Creative Prints, around $3). It's designed by a young local artist whose name escapes me at the moment.

Then last month, my cousin found this adorable pen in one of the stalls at Market! Market! They come in different designs, and are sold three for Php100 (around $2.25).

I didn't even realize it matched the notepads perfectly (same shade of pink and blue, even!) until I took this picture.


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