Wishing bottles

I was bed-ridden for two weeks, and stuck at home for three because I caught a nasty virus with symptoms that were a lot like dengue. It felt like I was asleep for most of September. I had to reschedule some workshops, which has never happened before. I couldn't be at a couple of editorial photoshoots for the store. I skipped dinner and drinks with some friends. I missed out on a lot last month. Sigh.

But in some twisted way, doing nothing but nurse a fever has its perks. It gave me time to recharge and dream about new designs. If you can't sleep because you hurt all over, can't leave the bed because you're too weak to stand, or can't watch any more TV because you've practically seen every rerun at least twice, there's nothing else to do but lie awake and day dream.

I've always wanted to make polymer clay-covered bottles. But the smallest ones I could find were too big or too fragile to be made into pendants. Then I remembered my Mom had a teeny tiny vial when I was a kid, so there must be a way! Light bulb moment! I wasn't sure if it was made of glass though. Can I cover something like it with polymer clay? I couldn't wait to try it out.

Last week I finally got a stash of the tiniest glass bottles! I tried out the project I had in mind before the weekend, and made whimsical pendants that remind me of fairies. I think I'll call them Wishing Bottles - they carry whispered wishes and day dreams.

I made the bottles above during yesterday's workshop. And here are what my students made (first two are my samplers):

Don't they remind you of a family of fairies? I see pixies in my future!


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