Little triumph

One of the photos I styled way back when I still had a day job landed ON THE COVER of a book! Imagine my excitement when I was browsing through books in National Bookstore on Sunday night and saw this on the shelves:

I styled the photo on the upper right, with the ladder, pink stool, and robins egg blue wall.  It originally appears on a DIY article I wrote about painting a room. 

I had no idea about the book, so it was a pleasant surprise!  As I paid for it, still pretty pumped up with excitement, I wanted to tell the cashier, "I painted that wall, and that's my pink Ikea stool!", but I didn't.  I was able to collect myself and quietly pay for the item. Hehehe.  It's my first cover okay? Allow me to gush about it here on my blog. I will try to be cooler next time, and try to act nonchalant. Lol.

Handy Hints and Instant Makeovers was launched today at Robinsons Galleria.  (But I didn't get to attend the launch because I was off dealing with a  mini crisis at the bank.  Long story, don't ask).  Anyway, the book is chock-full of fun tips and lovely visuals, and for only Php120, it's quite a steal.  I am not getting royalties or anything like that, so this is not a plug.  :)  Just wanted to share my first ever cover!


eyzelnut said…
hi ms. angeli! i stumbled upon your blog when i was searching the web about polymer clay and boy i got hooked! i just can't resist myself from commenting about this particular post because i bought the handbook, too. it's really helpful and i want to congratulate you for "making it to the cover of the magazine" :)

after reading your posts about handmade pilipinas, rocky antonio and the story of your business, you became my inspiration. i'm interested to attend your polymer workshop next year... will send you an email soon. keep the creative juices flowing! :))

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