I am a proud teacher!

Lookie lookie what my Ultimate Miniature Food class made last Saturday! Don't they look scrumptious? Before you drool, let me remind you that these miniature desserts are made of polymer clay and are not edible. :p

The textures and colors look very realistic, don't you think?

Chocolate chip cookies, anyone?

How about teeny, tiny donuts?

Here's the definition of Ultimate Mini Food! Really tiny! "Donut ng manika ng manika ko." - Therry. Crazy!

We also made lots of cupcakes and sweets on Day 1. Here are the ladies behind these delicious polymer clay charms (from L-R): Josele, Therry, Emily, and Donna (not in pic because she had to leave early). Keep creating yummy stuff!


Therry said…
Aww super L♥VE ^_^ My favorite workshop of all, as in!!! Lol Thanks for featuring our tiny works of art and specially my tiniest donut/s for my doll/s teehee ^_^ I love it and thank you soooo much for everything you've taught us. More power to you Angel and to your lovely shabby chic shop! ♥ Therry ^_^
Aileen Kim said…
these are so deceiving. They look pretty much like the real thing! wow...too bad i was not able to join the recent workshop. (sigh)

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