Meet Izzy

It's time for you to meet my one year old baby - the adorable little Frizzy; Izzy for short.

I've been wanting a dog for the longest time. When I met Liebe last year, my brother's girlfriend's cute little Maltese puppy, I decided I couldn't wait to have my own. Liebi was sweet, chubby, and such a cutie that you couldn't help falling in love with her. This is me with her last year:

Isn't she adorable? She looks like a stuffed toy! Then they told me Liebi had sisters and a brother. I just had to go and check them out.

There were three puppies when we visited, one boy and two girls. This tiny little thing with her curly tail caught my heart. She was the liveliest of the bunch, not afraid to come out of her carrier and play with Liebi while the others cowered at the sight of strangers.

A few days after, I took her home - thanks to Marco, who bought her for me as a gift for my 24th birthday.

Izzy is super active. She likes to wrestle. The only time she's not hyper is when she's asleep. Lol. But when she's sleepy, she mellows down and wants to cuddle.

Sometimes I think she doesn't know she's a dog. She stands everytime she wants something (like her toys on the table, or when she wants to be carried, or when she wants to be let out of the room). She asks for her bag when she sees I'm getting dressed - stands and tries to drag the bag out from wherever it's hidden.

She's super funny too. She likes to sleep in the weirdest position: on her back with her head bent towards her tummy. I should probably take a photo next time. She goes crazy when she sees me preparing my blanket before I go to sleep - she'd run under it and just stay there until it covers her. She then playfully bites me from under the covers.

On her birthday last December, Marco and I bought her some special doggie treats. Look at the big smile on her face:

Crazy pup.


Doreen said…
OMG! Izzy is so adorable! She sounds like quite a character too! I just want to pick her up and cuddle with her!
Lorra said…
She's so cute! Makes me miss my dog. I had to leave him in the province when I moved to Manila. :(

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