The advantages of homeschooling

What are the pros of homeschooling? This is one of the questions I get asked often.

Here are the Top 5 advantages of homeschooling for our family.

1. You are giving your children the gift of TIME.

Time to learn at their own pace. Time to explore topics more deeply. Time to enjoy childhood. Time to pursue their interests. Time for things that really matter. Time with family. Time to grow and flourish.

2. You can be more considerate of how your child learns.

There are many learning styles: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, tactile, and a combination of these and more. (Will explain later.) We discovered through the years that Ally is a kinesthetic learner - she absorbs information better when she moves around. In a traditional school, she would be required to sit at her desk for long periods of time. In our homeschool, we often process lessons through singing and arts and crafts - even math!

3. You can customize the curriculum.

(If you are with a provider who allows open curriculum.) This means if your child is interested to become a vet, you can do more science lessons than what is required for the school year. You can enroll in different classes that can supplement your learning goals. You can go above and beyond the curriculum, or cut back on some areas when the situation calls for it. Example, a shortened quarter because of Covid19 means skipping some lessons and continuing it next quarter.

4. Homeschooling gives you flexibility.

You prepare the schedule, so you can decide how to allot the time. When I was still joining bazaars, we would skip formal lessons during the Ber months and just do life skills and lots of reading during bazaar season. We would then pick up the pace in the new year.

5. You can build character, instill values that are important to you as a family, and most importantly, put God in the center of your homeschooling.

Here are 8-year-old Ally's answers:

I like homeschooling because you let me sing while learning. You even let me eat while homeschooling. 😂

When I am reading a book, you allow me to go to other pages even if it's not the page I'm studying. (Because she's a voracious reader!)

(This is a series of posts about homeschooling in the Philippines, originally posted on my personal Facebook account.)


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