Mommy Hack: Kindle Unlimited and Audible

As I was transferring some of my books to a different shelf last weekend, I was surprised to see I only had a few business titles. Surely, I had a lot more than this, I thought.

I scoured all the other bookshelves at home, but I couldn’t find them! Slight panic! Then I realized: they were nowhere to be found because they’re in my virtual bookshelf. 😅

While I’ll never let go of physical books –  there’s nothing like the smell and feel of a printed tome – Kindle books have a place in my heart. They were the only way I could read when Beadbaby was younger. There’s nothing like the convenience of reading in the dark while your clingy kiddo snoozes away beside you.

These days, I subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. (This is not a sponsored post, in case you’re wondering! Thank you darleng husband for my subscription, hehe.) It’s $9.99 per month. I can finish a novel in one day when I have the time, so I find the cost justifiable. Sulit.

You get to borrow 10 books at a time, and borrow some more when you return the books. It’s like my Beast-gifts-Belle-a-library dreams have come true!

Here are some of the craft business books in my Kindle app. Most of these I purchased when Beadbaby was a toddler. Some of my other books are from Kindle Unlimited.

Let me share with you a couple of hacks that make reading Kindle Books a huge convenience for mommies:

  • Take advantage of the Audible. 

Reading truly becomes a luxury when you become a mom. What to do when you have no time to sit down and read? The nifty audio book to the rescue! When you purchase a Kindle book, sometimes the audio book is available for free! Other times, it is sold at a discount. But here’s a tipid tip: even if you do not purchase the Kindle book but you borrowed it on Kindle Unlimited, you get to borrow the Audible for free! Just check if the audio is tagged $0 with ebook purchase. Now I get to listen to my books even in the shower.

  • No moolah for audio? Activate Google Voice Assistant.

One of my most dreaded household chores is washing the dishes. So to cheer me up, I prop my Android phone in front of me while at the kitchen sink. Hah! Reading while washing the dishes makes things bearable, but since I can’t really turn the page on my phone with sudsy fingers, I make my phone read the book to me! And since purchasing audio books can be out of the budget most of the time, I discovered a solution: Google Voice Assistant.

Activating this allows the Google Assistant to read your book to you continuously without the need to tap your phone to turn the page. And what’s even better: you can choose the voice in the settings. I chose a dignified English accent so that it feels like Hugh Grant or Benedict Cumberbatch is reading to me while I wash the dishes. Haha! And the best thing about it? It’s free! Here's how to make Google read your book to you.

There you have it! I hope you found this post useful as you navigate this crazy busy world of mommyhood. Please leave a comment if you have a Kindle hack to share!


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