The name game

I just realized as I stared at the photo above, now that I'm no longer single, I need to change the name on all my print materials.

I have no trouble using my new name in legal forms, mind you. It took some getting used to at first (I would catch myself staring blankly at the nurse holding my medical chart as she summons a Mrs. Del Rosario at the doctor's office), but I'm getting the hang of it.

When it comes to my handmade business however, that's where my identity crisis starts. All my business cards, product tags and labels, directory listings, etc. need to be updated.

But what name to use? I do not want to hyphenate. So do I drop my maiden name and use my new surname? Or do I retain my maiden name and use it as my middle name? But if I choose the latter, my new 11-syllable, 25-character name will require larger earring cards. Lol.

Ah, the trivial little details in the life of a newly wed. :p


earthlyjewels said…
Oh I remember the few months after I got married. It was so strange to have a new name. I giggled every time I heard it. It takes a while to get used to. Then you have to have a whole new signature too!

Changing everything is a pain though..your passports and ID's, business cards and everything... but, all worth it of course!

Enjoy being a newlywed!
It's really challenging to change our names - whether to drop our maiden name or retain it. I had the same problem with my clinic and business forms. It will work out for you. No worries - your readers and clients know that you are the same Angeli that makes beautiful jewelry. Have fun!
Ms. Lamb said…
Your whole name had been a brand in itself, in a way. You can change it but the craft world will need a little getting used to. They might think that a new crafter is on the block. LOL.

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