Everything nice

I haven't been posting about my work for a while because I am taking a mandatory break from claying and beading, and yes - even teaching. So while I am on sabbatical, let me entertain you by posting about pretty gifts I received from fellow creative souls.

This miniature Beadlady Cafe wall art made of polymer clay was a gift from my student, and now friend, Bang Hasegawa aka andeverythingnice. Look at those details. I love this gift to bits! It matches my shop details perfectly: the pretty red door, the checker board floor, even the blue and white stripes! It's sugar and spice and everything nice!

Last year, Bang gifted me with a lovely bird cage peppered with handmade elements. If you've been to my shop, you've probably seen it. It sat on my Yummy Cart for months. I will take a picture for you next time.

Bang is one of the most thoughtful and generous people I know. I met her years ago in a workshop I taught during my early years of teaching. She's been back to attend my classes many times since. That's what I love about teaching - you get to meet kindred souls who share your love for crafting and creating.

I miss my workshops. Can't wait to start teaching again next year!
Meanwhile, drown yourselves in sweetness over at
I hope to post more about gifts from my crafty friends next time. Stay tuned!


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