Blast from the past

I unearthed some bracelets I made as a teenager, and was surprised to find them still looking like new. Decided to wear them to the beach a couple of weeks ago. They look funky all stacked together.

The beads on the rainbow braided cord are made of polymer clay, handmade by my 18-year old self. The flower is mother of pearl, strung on beaded thread. The blue and green bracelet is beaded memory wire. I used to make lots of memory wire bracelets and cuffs back when I was in college. Happy to see that these trinkets have stood the test of time.


Aileen Kim said…
hello. I super love your beadwork and your tutorials. I hope i could join the next workshop. Am a fan and a new follower!
Angeli said…
@aizkim, thank you! hope to see you in one of my classes. :)

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