August: The month of anniversaries

I celebrated two huge milestones in August: my 5th year on (my online store) and my craft store's 1st anniversary! I feel so blessed that after all these years, I am still here. Believe me, it hasn't been easy.

I could not let these milestones pass without a little celebration. On the last Saturday of August, a few relatives, friends, and clients gathered in my little craft store in Cubao called The Beadlady. (I know I haven't posted about the store yet, forgive me.)

I served a simple snack of tiny cupcakes, mini tea sandwiches, and the famous pancit from Ado's in Pasig. Thankfully, some "sponsors" brought cakes (two different kinds from my auntie Tita Inday and dear client Rose), fruit salad (from my mom), and two humongous pizzas (from Marco). Everyone went home with a tummy ache from over-indulgence. Hehe.

That's the food in the studio on the second floor, which I jokingly referred to as the "VIP room" for my relatives. There was a separate celebration going on in the first floor, with my friends and clients:

More pics in my flickr.

Please don't feel bad if you didn't get an invite, because I didn't invite anyone formally. I simply posted a free-for-all announcement on my facebook page and account. So make sure not to miss the next party - like my facebook page!


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