Amazing works of art

I was just watching Ever After on HBO last night - a Cinderella story where Leonardo Da Vinci figures prominently. How timely that I stumble upon this amazing polymer clay mosaic today (through Polymer Clay Daily) created by artist Julie Eakes.

The mosaic is made with extruded polymer clay canes. I wonder how many days (months?) it took to finish. This will be further reduced to be made into beads, I suppose. Read all about it in Julie's blog.

How I wish I had the talent - and the time - to create "real" works of art like Julie's. I've been contemplating creating something other than jewelry for some time now. After visiting the ManilArt10 art fair last month, I was even more intrigued by the idea.

I went to the fair hoping to see sculptures, but there were only a few. None were made of polymer clay - most were made of brass and glass. But there were paintings with a sculptural feel to them - almost clay-like. Here is my favorite. I love the colors and the thick, sculptural strokes on canvas.

Pipo Alido's "Susi" - Oil on Canvas 36 x 24 inches

These works make me want to coop up in a small hut by the beach, away from the rest of the world, and create like nothing else mattered.


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