Cupcakes for Chicago

I made 50 polymer clay cupcakes in two weeks.

Those couple of weeks were hard on my hands (and my sanity). I wanted to create one of a kind cupcakes. I think I have an attention deficit disorder - the idea of repetition repulses me. So I made each cupcake unique. I almost didn't use the same sprinkles twice, but two weeks is too short a time to create 50 different toppings. So out of the 50, three cupcakes had similar toppings, but each one was different - be it in the flavor of the frosting or the color of the base. I am lucky that the lady who ordered these gave me free reign to go crazy and create whatever flavor I wanted.

I know it's a bit loony to be attached to inanimate objects, but if you create with your hands like I do, you'll understand how hard it is to let your creations go. As I was packing each cupcake into tiny silver boxes, I felt a bit sad that they were all leaving me to go to the U.S. of A. I especially like the one in the middle of this photo:

But I can always make new ones, and I thought about how I can finally buy that sofa I've been planning to buy (hehe), so I wasn't sad for too long. :p

Goodbye my dear cupcakes, I hope you all find a good home.


Wow that's a lot of lovely cup cakes!
They look scrumptious. I can't believe you managed to come up with so many different ones!
Enjoy your sofa!
They're gorgeous! I envy you. You're so talented. Hehe. Keep it up! =)
Misakimodel said…
How Did You Make Your Beautiful Cupcakes?
Am Keen To Make Some For My Pullip, Raven

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