Cupcake for Alice

I loved Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. I'm probably biased, since I love all things Alice. But the new Disney release gave me another shot of creative juice, thanks to the exciting visuals and effects. To be honest, I wasn't paying too much attention to the story. I was busy taking in every minute detail of the Wonderland scenery. I won't say much, for fear of spoiling it for those who haven't seen it yet.

I just want to share a couple of photos from the new cupcake collection I'm preparing for the bazaar this weekend. If you're a collector of my cupcakes, this new version will take a while to get used to. They're not bright and happy. Instead, the new cupcakes are dark and shabby, inspired by the dark and decaying wonderland in Tim Burton's Alice. I like how they ended up looking like ceramic instead of polymer clay.


Shalum said…
oooh. i LOVE ht emovie too, and all things tim burton and alice. hehe.

this cupcake is calling out to me!
Sheryl said…
Hi ate, I found your site through google search engine ...searching for polymer clay. I read some of your post regarding it. I'm planning to try this craft kasi, I really love designs but I haven't tried this yet. Kaya gusto ko madiscover to para malay natin in the future maging successful ako? hehe.

Are you using makin' clay products on your finished clay works?

How about po saan makabili nung mga raw materials like bracleet, lockets, etc. para sa gagawing clay accessories, may masusuggest po ba kayo? :)

Looking forward to your reply po~ thankies!
Crystal said…
This is adorable! Do you have a shop anywhere? (Just stumbled here from flickr).
broken_doll said…
What did you use to make the 'Eat Me' letters?

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