I dream of summer days

After the Christmas holidays, my mind automatically fast forwards to the lazy, sunny days of summer. It's still a couple of months away, but I couldn't help making these cheerful polymer clay clouds.

I've recently been to the beach. Last weekend, Marco and I attended our friends' brother's wedding in Laiya, Batangas. Actually, Marco was the designated wedding singer. haha. It was a dreamy beach-side event complete with white tents and lanterns. At the reception, we sat on banig mats and ate on dulang-like tables (low tables) as Marco serenaded us with his acoustic numbers. At midnight, the groom's family lit up fire balloons (is that what they're called?) and we watched them float to the sky as we sat on the beach. I feel so honored to be part of such a heartwarming event.

I still have a bit of sunshine in my system, so I just had to make these this week.

These clouds are simpler versions of the ones I made in '08, which featured a "silver lining" - dainty embroidery lining the fluffy edges of each cloud. I'll try to unearth photos of those old ones and post them here.

Sigh. I can't stop dreaming of the beach.


Anonymous said…
These are too cute! Have you tried Korean I-clay? It's very light and puffy, makes perfect clouds.
marge said…
it´s my first time in your blog, I like all that you make.

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