Heart of an angel

These lovely polymer clay hearts are fresh from my oven... just in time for February! I made seven pieces, all one of a kind. They're tinier versions of the heart collection I made a couple of years ago. A little under an inch tall, as you can see in the picture below.

They remind me of the Snitch in Quidditch!

The wings are inspired by Christi Friesen's work. (I adore her!) I put a little spin on it to make it my own.

I still can't decide whether to call them "Angel Hearts" or "Wings of Love". What do you think?

(Name update here: http://beadladyangeli.blogspot.com/2010/01/hearts-flurry.html)


Anonymous said…
Lovely , I like wings of love myself !
Melobeau said…
These sweet hearts are just lovely. I like the "wings of love" name best, because they really are....and beautiful detailed work, too!
Angeli said…
Thank you for visiting my blog Your Daily Muse News!

Hello Melobeau! I decided on a name different from my first two choices, hehe. I called 'em Hearts A-flurry!

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