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homeschool portfolio

We just wrapped up our fourth year of homeschooling! My little Beadbaby finished presenting her final portfolio for second grade, and we start Grade 3 next month.

Over the years, I've had moments of intense panic every time portfolio review approaches. A portfolio in education is a compilation of everything the student has learned for the year. In our case, the portfolio is presented by the child to her academic advisor every semester. She brings her projects and samples of her work, and gives an oral report. This is portfolio review (PR).

I really love this method of assessment. I feel that it is a better gauge of how the child is doing so far, compared to final exams based on rote learning.

But I panic around PR time because doubt starts to creep in: what if I didn't teach her enough? What if I didn't quiz her enough? What if we didn't do enough activities? What if we didn't answer enough worksheets?

I get so pressured by the DepEd curriculum that I forget the heart of why we homeschool: to train up a child of good character - a tiny human being who will grow up to be the change this world needs. Someone who actually ENJOYS learning. A child who will become a lifelong learner who seeks out knowledge, instead of someone seeking out good grades and recognition.

With her academic advisor, Teacher Vye

But still, I forget all this, so I worry. The funny thing is, every single time, after portfolio review, I realize that all my worrying was unnecessary.  Because my daughter didn't even feel nervous about doing a major report. Because she enjoyed regalling her academic advisor with all the stuff we did throughout the past semester, from the littlest craft projects to the biggest events. Because the best thing is: she loved learning. And the most important thing: she showed good character through dedication, perseverance, honesty, and patience throughout the school year.

All the little details - like minding every single thing in the DepEd list of required topics - takes a back seat to what really is the heart of education: building a foundation for her best life, and not just doing good in school. Sure, she excelled in Math and Science and English this year. But that is just the byproduct of her hard work, instead of the goal.

I wrote this blog post partly for myself, to remind myself when PR time comes around again next year, haha. But I also wrote this for all the other homeschool moms like me, sick with worry and filled with doubt: Momma, stop worrying. You are on the right track. Remember why you are homeschooling in the first place. If God is in the center of all your endeavors, you will not go wrong.

I hope I helped allay your anxiety in this season of your homeschool journey!  

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