The Artsy Wife and Cabby Crafter

I have a looooong list of stuff to blog about, I just can't find the right time to actually sit down and write.  Things have been very busy around here lately!

To check some items off my list, let me share with you these wonderful, wonderful blog posts about my work and my shop.  Thank you dear bloggers for the love!

I found a link to this blog post in my inbox last June (yes, that's how long this blog backlog is, two months worth of posts unposted! yikes!).  Janice of The Artsy Wife wrote about my work on her June 7 entry and included lots of pictures too! Thank you so much Janice! 

And Michelle of Cabby Crafter, a workshop participant, blogged about her favorite Filipino polymer clay artists, and I am honored to be part of her list!  Thanks Michelle!

Thank you thank you!


Janice said…
Thanks too Angeli! ^_^
Arah said…
i love your blog! <3

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