One Sunday afternoon

A picnic, a tea party, an afternoon of all things sweet and cuddly.

Though yesterday afternoon was a bit dreary because of the rain, I had so much fun taking photos of my new collection!  There was no real picnic nor tea party outside these photos, but there was definitely a lot of sweet nothings and cuddling going around.  That's because this little one kept me company.

That's my little Izzy. Isn't she adorable? Hihi.

Ok, back to the new stuff.  The past few weeks, I've been making the tiniest cookies, donuts, and chocolate truffles.  All those sinful stuff sweet-tooths like me go crazy over. 

So I spent the whole Sunday afternoon doing a "shoot" on my mom's porch.  Just me, Izzy, a point-and-shoot camera, and the cutest miniature props ever. 

A huge chunk of my time was spent wishing:  I wish I had more props.  And I wish I were a better stylist and photographer. And more importantly: I wish that the goodies were edible.  After drooling and day dreaming, I spent the rest of the afternoon choosing photos to upload to my various websites.

Oh yes, I finally updated my websites!  Well, the homepages at least.  If you're interested to purchase my work, please drop by any of these sites:


Unknown said…
Hi Miss Angeli! I super adore all your works. They're all super nice and eye-catching and as if everything's real (like cookies made of polymer). I really want to learn how to make stuffs out of polymer clays. I want to enroll on your workshops. I did shoot you an email but I'm not sure if you get it. I hope to hear from you soon :) Please do email me. Here's my eadd: Thank youuu and God bless :)
-Larraine Turingan
Marija said…
I love the colors! Warm and vintage and all. It's like another world!
Myrill Grace said…
Wow! I've been curious about polymer clay before. But your projects really make me want to go to the store and buy some right now! So cute!

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