The 2nd Annual Philippine Polymer Clay Festival

I am hosting the 2nd Annual Philippine Polymer Clay Festival (Clay Fest 2011) on February 25 and 26 at The Beadlady Craft Cafe and Art Studio.  It's happening this Friday and Saturday people, so I hope you drop by!  Entrance is free!

This year, 16 artists are showcasing their work at the Handmade Exhibit, so it's a chance for you to grab the latest from your favorite polyclay artists!  Jennifer Cruz is also teaching a chibi sculpting class at the Clay Fest (which is now fully booked, so we opened a March 5 class.)

There will be free demos and games, and chances to win exciting gifts from our exhibitors and sponsors.

The Clay Fest is more special this year because we have more sponsors: local Pinoy polymer clay brands Clayzee and Nendo, local craft magazine Craft Time, and of course, my own brand of mica powders, The Beadlady Sparklers.We also received some love from fellow crafter andeverythingnice!

My favorite polymer clay guru Christi Friesen even generously sent us her lovely artwork to be given away as a grand prize for the contest at the Clay Fest!  More on that in my next post.  We'll have CF's new book Woodland Creatures, and favorite tools on display.

So this weekend, there's nowhere else to be but at the Clay Fest!  Come with your friends, and bring shopping money!  The fun starts at 4pm.  RSVP here.

Clay Fest 2011, here we come!


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