delinquent blogger

I haven't blogged in 6 months!!!


Just a rundown of what I was up to since the last blog (will blog about these separately in the future).

1. business is doing great, (thank you Lord!).

2. Part of October was spent at home in Bacolod. It was fun fun fun. Went to Sipalay. ahhh, escape.

3. November... shucks I can't remember. A blur of bazaars...

4. Despite the hectic bazaar schedules and tons of custom orders, December was a blast, as always. Spent time with family.

5. Part of December was spent moving out of my old apartment and into a bigger one. Now I have lots of space for my crafts! I turned the upstairs living room into my work area/craft studio. One room became the storage room. There's a terrace where I like to take pictures of my work. The space is amazing! Will blog about it after I get everything organized. Some stuff are still in boxes because there simply isn't time to unpack yet. (Yes, I have a ton of beads, so there's no time to organize right now.)

6. We went to the beach in December! Subic and Batangas!(Or was it January 1?) hahaha. I caught a fish! First time to go fishing. Went with lolo and the boys. I caught a fish! Wootwoot. Can't find the pic though, tsk. Here I am in Subic with my bros:

7. A family reunion and Lola's bday in January. Here we are hanging out while the oldies drank the night away. haha.

6. Started the year right... registered the business, yey!

7. I got interviewed in Boy n Kris, got to meet Mr. Boy Abunda and Ms Rachel Ann Go. It's on my Youtube. Photos on multiply. :)

8. I got interviewed in Shoptalk, a show on ANC hosted by Ms Pia Hontiveros. That was live, so super unnerving. Didn't get to see it, kasi nga live. Photos on multiply.

9. Had my yummy cart made. Lolo is da best! hehe.

10. Joined Pinay in Action Bazaar. That was fun! Photos on multiply.

11. Started the workshop series for the season. I love teaching workshops! Super inspiring.

So many things to write about....

Will post soon.


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