The cart my grandfather made... on Martha Stewart Weddings - Philippines!

It's finally here! This is the magazine I've been waiting for, as blogged here. I've been checking the bookstores everyday since March rolled in, and yesterday I finally grabbed a copy!

My "Yummy Cart" was built by my lolo in March 2008, and it's what I use to display my wares when I join bazaars/fairs. Here are photos of the cart in action.

August of last year, the ladies from the Philippine edition of Martha Stewart Weddings saw my cart and thought it would be perfect for a vintage-inspired story they were doing. They also loved the pieces that I make, so those got featured in the story too! Here are a few photos from the magazine:

My Pretty Little Things line is in Martha Stewart Weddings! I'm so happy!

Please grab a copy Martha Stewart Weddings - Philippines. Even if you're not getting hitched, you'll be inspired by the pages and pages of eye candy!


Wow how exciting to have your things featured in a magazine! Congratulations, enjoy the moment!
Unknown said…
The cart your grandfather made is absolutely adorable! Congrats on the magazine pub.

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