Summer's here, I can feel it

polymer clay pendant by beadlady angeliBecause it is terribly hot and sticky where I live, it's a bit of a chore to work with polymer clay. But the sunny weather inspired me to make something summery. I am a huge fan of Christi Friesen and Jennifer Morris, and this is inspired by the applique/sculptural technique they are well-known for. I tried to put my own "voice" through my use of shape, color, and layering, and was careful not to copy.

polymer clay pendant by beadlady angeli

I remember creating a similar collection a few years back, incorporating tiny little roses, tulips, and vines. Here's a look back on some of those pendants from 2008.

I hope to make better versions of these this year. As you can see, my roses were a bit squished back then. I make better roses now. Teehee.

And oh, in case I haven't mentioned yet, I'm joining the Rockwell Urban Bazaar on March 12-14. I hope to see you there!


I really like your paisley!That applique technique works well. What will it become?

I am in the process of designing a paisley cane to decorate a present for my sister in law (cake forks) and was planning on using some complex shapes. I might just use lots of more simple shapes insead having seen yours. Instead of complex flowers and bumpy leaves I might use some jelly rolls and simple leaves. Will have to play.
Karen M said…
I'm also a big fan of Christi, although I've tried paisley in polymer clay before mine definitely didn't turn out as nice as yours. Your colour palette is really sweet and reminds me of candy. I'll also have to wait for cooler weather in Australia before I try claying again. Thanks again for the inspiration.

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