The rose bib

I made dozens of polymer clay roses last week, and was intending to turn them into individual pendants. But after seeing them bunched together after baking, I realized they'd look pretty neat if turned into a big necklace.

This bib took me 18 straight hours to make. Twelve roses - about 81 petals total- each carefully formed by hand. You can only imagine how many squished and deformed roses never made it into the oven. Because of fatigue, I could no longer feel my fingers during the last few hours of the project. My fingers remained swollen the day after. It's worth it though. I almost don't want to part with this piece.


Wow that does look great! Worth the effort.Hope your fingers recover!

You going to make another one?
m.e. said…
LOVE that design !!!
It would be fabulous for a Bride ,
or for a Mothers day gift !
But, I don't blame you for wanting to keep it .
:) m.e.

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