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Craft room surprise upgrade

My husband's love language is Acts of Service. Marco surprised me with a complete craft room makeover for my birthday a few months back. I was already happily contented with my decade-old shelves and counters before, so imagine how ecstatic I was when he declared, "Palitan natin shelves mo." It then turned into "Gusto ko rin palitan tables mo."  Oh my goodness! Here are photos of the work-in-progress. He even built me a rolling desk so I can transform the space any way I want. Here's a sneak peek into my new Ikea craftroom: And here are some before-and-after photos side by side. We were able to complete the upgrade in April. I have since rearranged and added books and plants, but I'll make a separate post on that. Some might see this as a material gift, but to me it is a well-thought-out act of service and gift of time. Thank you Lord for my thoughtful husband. ❤

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