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Homeschooling despite it all

After a very challenging 2020 , we were looking forward to a better 2021! But this year has proved to be another tumultuous year for us. So much loss and heartache. As I wrote in my previous post, I suffered a heterotopic pregnancy and lost twins in the last quarter of 2020. So I spent the first few months of 2021 nursing my surgical wound from last year's laparotomy. At one point, I went back to the hospital because I could still feel pain after two months.  In February, we lost one of Amara's young cousins to cancer. He was only 17.  In April, my husband and I got COVID. It took me more than a month to recover, and it has left me with asthma. My husband was in danger of very low platelet count at the end of our COVID journey, but we thank and praise God that we were able to recover! And that our little girl was spared despite being exposed to us. But in an effort to spare our dogs from COVID, we did not go out to them much during those weeks. As a result, I did not notice tha

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