This is so engrossing (more polymer clay embroidery)

180 stitches. 4 hours. Kept stitching till my hands and eyes hurt. Polymer clay embroidery is getting addicting. The possibilities are endless.

Unlike needlepoint on fabric, embroidering polymer clay is a lot tougher. The clay fights back! You have to pull the thread harder than you normally would on fabric. You have to use a firm clay piece and very strong thread, or else it won't handle the stress from the stitching and pulling.

Read the previous post about this here.


Anonymous said…
Ang ganda! This was a brilliant idea. :)
Chris said…
THIS is awesome. Just made a bunch of tiles, and this is so cool.
Unknown said…
These are wonderful!
I am predicting a stitching trend coming up and yours will really stand out!
AHA! said…
Faith Hope Love is one of my favorite messages thus I paint it on wood & stone. But stitched in clay? Awesome!

I just stumbled upon your site today while looking for local suppliers of polymer clay. Lovely site!

Is there any polymer clay workshop sched on the pipe? Would like to join one. Please update me on this number 09053313027. Thanks!

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