Cork board, cork board on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?

The last couple of months found me redesigning my workspace: I had the downstairs work area, dining room, and kitchen repainted, I reorganized my stations (not yet close to being finished), and did a few DIY tweaks here and there.

Here is one of those DIY projects, an upcycled ornate mirror frame turned into a bulletin board.

The lovely frame used to be a mirror, which my old assistant broke. It was gathering dust in the storage room for months, as I didn't have the time and the money to buy glass to replace the broken pieces.

I finally took it out of its hiding place, and decided to display it bare (just the frame) in my studio. For weeks it hung on the wall, looking lonely and unloved.

I was desperately in need of an inspiration board, and had some cork lying around from a previous project. Originally, I would have attached the cork to some plywood of sorts, but I didn't have the tools.

Then I saw the bare frame, which still had some screws and washers at the back. A cutter, a marker, and a few slices later, my new ornate bulletin board was born.

I want to spray paint it white or fire engine red, to go with the tiffany blue wall. But the antique-ish finish is just too lovely to mess with. I guess I'll leave it like that.


Karin said…
I am so in love with this project!
ByLightOfMoon said…
I have a white wicker frame with a cracker mirror and I have been meaning to add cork to it. I saw it by the roll at a craft store. I just need to do IT! Thanks for the inspiration.

smiles, cyndi
Tisha said…
Ooh, that is lovely!
Karra said…
I love this! Baroque mirrors are my weakness!! I'll be searching flea markets and thrift stores for a frame so that I can make one of these.
Luthien Thye said…
this is really pretty! what a great idea!!
Anonymous said…
i have the exact same frame :) I covered the corkboard with a crisscrossed ribbons and used it to hold my earrings until my cat started attacking them! I spraypainted it a glossy black, and it looks great- I'd recommend using a glossy paint if you can!
Anonymous said…
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