DIY: Tiny 2D Cupcakes

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How to make tiny cupcakes out of polymer clay
Part of the polymer clay series, a Handmade Pilipinas post

Want to try polymer clay? Here's a simple tutorial I prepared, perfect for beginners. Turn these into scrapbook embellishments, or tiny post earrings, or whatnot. Don't forget to send me a link to your finished projects when you're done! If you are interested in learning more advance projects, join my workshops!

  • A pinch of clay for the cupcake base
  • A pinch of clay for the frosting
  • Wee little dots of clay for the sprinkles
  • X-acto knife or any other craft knife
See the instructions after the jump.

Before starting, make sure your hands and work area is clean. Don't forget to knead/condition the clay!

Want to try more polymer clay projects? Join my workshops!
All the information above is protected by the Creative Commons license.
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Stacy Z said…
Great post! I love these kind of projects. I blogged about your post here:
Katja said…
I saw the picture of your cupcake on flickr. So i came here.Come visit my blog if you like!!!

Katja (The Netherlands, Europe)

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