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On the second floor of a little bead shop in Cubao is a haven for artists and crafters.  Our goal is to offer the best craft workshops with the highest quality of instruction.  Here at The Beadlady, we know what we’re talking about. We are committed to giving you the best craft education in the country.

How are our workshops different from others?

Our workshops are designed with your best interests in mind.  The techniques we teach are developed through years of experience, and not simply lifted off books and the internet.  It takes months (sometimes even years!) of preparation before a workshop is offered.  We make sure that the lesson plan is the most practical, logical, and comprehensive approach, to ensure that students come out of the class equipped with the best possible skills and knowledge.   We only teach a maximum of five students at a time - the small class size ensures personalized instruction. 

The Studio

The studio is spacious, brightly-lit, and fully equipped with an electric oven, manual and electric pasta machines, and ample working areas.  On one corner is a mini library featuring a collection of different craft books and magazines available for studio use.

Workshop fees

Some of our workshops are, admittedly, a bit expensive.  Rest assured that you get what you pay for.  You get the best quality education from instructors who are experienced in their field. We do not scrimp on materials and service.  Each student gets their own set of materials.  Snacks and drinks from our café are also included in the fee.

The Venue

The studio is located in Cubao Expo, on the 2nd Floor of The Beadlady Craft Café.  The venue is accessible to public transportation.  Parking spaces are available.

The Classes

We make sure that our workshops are not simply classes, but rich experiences you will treasure for years to come. The students we have taught have come from different parts of the country, and all have walked away satisfied with the experience, and filled with new knowledge and ideas.  Read their testimonials here and here.
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The following are my students' actual output from the Ultimate Miniature Food Workshop:


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