DIY: Packaging for post earrings

I stumbled upon this tutorial by EnthralDesigns through twitter, thought I'd share with you all. I like it because it's easy to do, yet it's so functional. Perfect for stud earrings. You can then insert these into little ziplock baggies, and they're ready to go! I've always wondered how I can package studs without them poking holes through the ziplock bags.

Photo from EnthralDesigns at Art Fire.

Read the tutorial here.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for picking up my tutorial :o) A little tip for shipping: when I ship earrings like this, I put a little piece of styro foam inside the card, poke the earrings through, put the backs on and then reassemble the card. That way, the posts don't bend in the mail, it gives a little cushioning and the posts won't poke through the back of the cards or through the envelope!

Brandi from Enthral Designs
Angeli said…
Hello Brandi!

Thanks for dropping by my blog, what a surprise!

Great tip about the styro.

Thanks for the tutorial, it's very useful!
the author said…
I can't seem to find the tutorial for this...i tried opening the link but it won't show any photo or tutorial.

Thanks :)

Beadlady...i adore your work! Im new at this craft and there are days when i think i won't get any out of this. but after reading your post, i was inspired to try again and be more patient :)
thank you so much!

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