Green polymer clay jewelry

Environment-friendly polymer clay? What an oxymoron.

But still thinking of the polymer clay+junk recycling project from the previous post, I decided to head on to etsy to search for examples. I think that for polymer clay design to be truly sustainable, it has to feature recycled materials not only as embellishment, but as part of the structure. The recycled components should be a necessary part of the piece, and not just decor.

There isn't much stuff on etsy that meet my criteria, but here are a couple of my favorites, featuring green yet chic design:

Iris Mishly from Israel made this beautiful black and white necklace from polymer clay and recycled aluminum discs that were once part of a computer. Available on her etsy shop Read her blog here.

Wirefox from Colorado Springs used a recycled bottle cap as a bezel to fashion this pretty pendant from polymer clay.

Do you have an upcycling project that features polymer clay? I would love to feature you! Please leave a link below.


DivaDea said…
Well, hmmm. You're so right. Polymer clay is not an earth-friendly substance. Although, in the grand scheme of things, I guess there are bigger fish to fry. Your idea of upcycling by mixing it with found items is definitely food for thought. Thanks for sharing.

PS That necklace by iris is one of my favorite pieces.
Iris Mishly said…
just noticed this post (a little late i have to say :) )
thank you for your mention!

i am using these discs for many uses in my jewelry, they are so much fun!

thanks again!

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